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Canada Libraries: Making Kids Fall in Love with Books

I remember reading out loud books to my baby when she was still inside me. They say babies can hear us while still in our womb. I did that hoping she starts loving books even before she is born 😉 For I know, there is no better habit than that of reading. Books nurture us.

I have been continously reading to my baby, who will turn 2 next month. The efforts have been worth it because she does love books.

Back in India, a public library isn’t a place you’d want to hang out in. While most have a good collection of books, there is nothing to attract young readers.

So, my joy doubled here in Canada, seeing the public libraries here. We recently became a member of Brampton Public Library. It has seven branches in the vicinity, giving me an equal access to all. I can borrow a book from one branch and return it in the other one.

Public library in Canada Kids fall in love with books

The system allows me to borrow up to 50 items at a time; these include books, magazines, DVDs, and audio books. Plus, there are several activities for kids of all ages. I see people even brining their 10-month olds to baby storytime sessions. All these are for free (now, that’s tax money very well spent).

These facilities might seem nothing unusual to someone born and brought up here but is extraordinary for someone from a country where these things are unheard of.

I am happy my little one will grow up believing that libraries are a fun place to spend time in. What else can a bibliophile mom hope for!



A journalist with over a decade of experience, Purva now works as a freelance content developer. Abhinav is an Instructional Designer with a natural flair for writing. Both love to travel, eat, and tell stories.

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