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5 Facts About Baby Wipes You Must Know

Can you imagine your life as a parent without wipes? From bottom cleaning to wiping hands and surfaces, wet wipes are a blessing. But long before the concept of baby wipes came in, people used cloth scraps or cloth wipes that were washed and re-used. Imagine the ordeal on the go! It was not until 1950s that disposable wipes were introduced for hands and other clean ups. What’s more, baby wipes were introduced even later in the 1980s.

Phew! Thankfully, we have baby wipes from reliable brands available today. However, no matter which brand of wipes you choose for your baby, there are a few things to be kept in mind about the wipes. Take a look at some of the facts about baby wipes.

  1. Diaper Rash May Require You To Change The Wipes

Your first instinct when your baby gets a diaper rash might be to change the diaper brand. However, you should first consider changing the wipes you’re using. The skin around your baby’s diaper area is repeatedly exposed to wetness, poop, and urine. Since the skin in this area has more folds and creases than other area, it makes it difficult to clean it thoroughly.

As mentioned in the posts earlier, I say this through my personal experience with my little one’s rash. My baby would scream and howl everything I tried cleaning up with the wipes I was using. Unhappy with the wipes I was using, I switched to cotton and water, which worked miraculously. But that was quite inconvenient so I looked for an alternative and found the perfect substitute in Mother Sparsh, India’s Ist water based wet wipes.

  1. The Skin is Much More Sensitive

An important point we need to remember is that the absorption rate of skin in the delicate regions of baby’s body is significantly higher than in other parts of the body such as the forearm. So, the concentration of chemicals in products used in those parts of the body may need to be lower. A lot of baby wipes available in the market have up to 80% polyester which is harmful for the baby. When buying wet wipes for your baby, look for ones that have no polyester content. I checked Mother Sparsh water-based wipes through a flame test and found that the wipes are actually as good as cotton and water.

3. Wet Wipes Are Safe to Use for Premature Babies

A lot of my friends have expressed their apprehension for using wet wipes for premature babies. The concern is misplaced. A study conducted to find out whether they were safe for all babies found that “wipes were safe for use with subgroups such as premature babies”. It is, in fact, recommended that premature babies should not be bathed in their premature state to avoid the risk of unnecessary distress. The results of the study showed the wipes were well tolerated by premature babies and even indicated some beneficial skin effects.

4. Disposable baby wipes Complement Healthy Skin pH
Now, you might wonder how wipes can have beneficial effects on skin. Note here, that rash development is commonly attributed to increase of skin pH following exposure to urine and feces. Actually, the babies have a natural pH balance which tends to increase with dirty diapers. Good wipes, like Mother Sparsh, help restore the skin’s natural pH balance.

5. Make Sure the Wipes Don’t Cause Environmental damage

Majority of wet wipes in the market aren’t biodegradable. This means they can cause serious drainage problems if flushed down the toilet. As a matter of fact, wet wipes were called “the biggest villain of 2015” by well known international newspaper after it was discovered wet wipes contribute to giant fat-bergs in the sewage system. Good brands, such as Mother Sparsh, take care of this as well. Mother Sparsh is as good as cotton and water, so no environmental damage!
Whichever brand you choose, pay close attention to the ingredients in the brand you buy. Opt to purchase wipes that contain a minimum number of preservatives and keep a check on how your baby’s skin reacts to these wipes. My trust is on Mother Sparsh (website link) water based wipes after being sure of its effect on my baby’s skin and conducting a test myself. I encourage you to do the same. You can buy the wipes from here



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