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Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Ace the Flame Test

How many of you liked Chemistry in school? Hit ‘Like’ if you loved the subject (yeah, yeah that’s my way of getting more likes;)) While I wasn’t a fan of the theoretical part, I loved the days when we had practical. Going into that lab with the white coat on, I used to feel thrilled conducting different experiments.

One experiment I recall distinctly is the flame test. Remember?  Used for identification of certain metals, the flame test is used for identification of certain unknown elements. It is based on the characteristic color the salt turns the flame of a Bunsen burner.


Thanks to Mother Sparsh, I got to relive those lab moments sans all the technicalities and complexities, of course. And it did not require a Bunsen burner. All it took was a candle, matchstick, and two wipes: one of Mother Sparsh brand and one of any other brand. The idea was to see the difference between the two as claimed by the brand being as good as cotton and water.

Mother Sparsh wipes claim to be skin friendly wipes made from 100% plant-based fabric. This makes them purely safe not just for your little but for the environment also. There is no polyester added to these wipes so can easily decompose and keep environment pollution-free.

Note here, there’s no polyester used as per the brand. So, is it true? Here’s what I did to check that:


  1. I took Mother Sparsh baby wipe and held it above the flame.
  2. The wipe did not catch fire very easily and there was no foul smell. This is because it is made up of 98% water. The residue turned to soot immediately.
  3. I then tried the same test with another brand’s wipes. Though that also did not catch fire immediately, it did have a pungent smell. The residue was the same as you’d get if you burn something with high plastic content.

Seeing is believing, isn’t it? The test is a proof that Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are true to its claim of being as good as cotton and water. The smell it yields is the most important factor in determining the contents. If the baby wipe you’re using, yields plastic-like smell, it is indicative of high polyester content, which can be harmful for your baby’s skin. If it smells like burning cloth or paper, like in this case, it is much safer to use.

You can order these Mother Sparsh Baby Water wipes on Amazon . Also do visit their website   for a detailed description about the product along with various consumer review.



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