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Using Law of Attraction for the Betterment of Your Kids

Do you believe in The Law of Attraction? Dr. Karishma Ahuja, a renowned Law of Attraction trainer, hypnotherapist & Metaphysical Counsellor in India believes in using the power of mind to make lives better. Here she talks about how parents can use Law of Attraction to make their kids’ life better. 


The Law of Attraction is a powerful universal energy bringing you more of whatever it is that is going on within you, this includes your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. If we understand how this ‘law’ works we can use it for great success and fulfillment in our families, jobs and careers.

As parents, the first thing you need to understand is that ‘example’ is not the best way, it is in fact the only way to teach your children. So in order to bring about any positive change in your children, you have to yourself commit to using these principles in your life religiously.

Here are 5 ways parents can use the Law of Attraction to positively influence their children and promote the well being of the family.

1. Meditate together: As the Dalai Lama said, If every child was taught to meditate, we would not have any wars in the world. Sit in silence daily as a family. Golden rule is if your child is 4 years, meditate together for 4 minutes, if he is 5 years, meditate for 5 minutes and so on daily. Breathe deeply and fully. This is a great way to energize your body and cleanse your Aura. Ask children if they observed any negative thoughts or feelings while sitting in silence. Encourage them to speak about it and teach them the importance of forgiving everybody and everything.

2. Be happy: In order to raise a successful kid, first ensure that He or she is a Joyful kid. The Law of Attraction always emphasizes on ‘feeling good’ as the essential key to boosting your ability to Attract and Manifest what you desire. The home should always be a happy place. Challenges will come, it is important ,however, for parents to remain calm and always expect good things to happen to them. This is a winning mindset and when they observe parents always holding on to their faith and hoping for the best, children will begin to develop this mindset too. The family can together repeat, “Only good happens to us.”

3. Use positive words: Your words should be such that they inspire and encourage, not hurt and humiliate. Remember, your intentions are no good if your children feel unwanted and rejected. Every word you speak carries energy. Positive words will create positive thoughts, which in turn create positive vibrations. Law of Attraction says, You can only Manifest your desires if you are in a positive vibration. So make sure you speak to each other at home with love and respect. As you do this, you will see your children doing the same and growing up to be confident, intelligent adults who can think clearly and stay focused.   

4. Appreciation tool: According to the Law of Attraction, the more you observe what’s working for you, the more you begin to draw all things good and desirable. Spend 5 minutes daily at night with your children talking about what went right in the day. Make it fun and light.

Encourage each other to talk about the best thing that happened in the day. This can actually help us to break away from the victim mentality and do away with the tendency to blame and find faults.

This exercise will help the family develop an attitude of Appreciation, an essential key to powerful Manifestation.

5. Power of ‘I CAN’: The Law of Attraction says, If you really want to Achieve something, you got to believe that You can. Teach children the importance of believing they are powerful creators. Encourage them to dream big. As a family, together practice speaking the language of I CAN. Whenever someone wishes to do something, let them mentally and verbally repeat, I CAN DO IT. When done regularly, this exercise will raise their vibration and remove thoughts of self doubt and fear.




About the author of this article:

Karishma Ahuja

 Karishma has profound expertise in Ho’oponopono (a Hawaiin word which means to correct and erase), which is a problem solving technique which teaches us to stop blaming, instead take responsibility for everything we are experiencing in life by connecting it with our subconscious mind.



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