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How are Mother Sparsh Water Wipes better than other wipes?

Wondering what makes Mother Sparsh Water Wipes different from other wipes? Find out…

After I wrote the review of Mother Sparsh Water Based Wipes few weeks ago, I got two kinds of responses. The first came as a pleasant surprise as some of my friends told me they have been already using the brand and are extremely happy with it. The second one was where some of you asked me how are Mother Sparsh Water Based Wipes different from other wipes available in the market. It’s a pertinent question as they all look the same. The difference is actually palpable when you start using it.

Before I get down to comparing it to other brands, you might want to know what exactly water based wipes mean. Water based wipes means that the majority constituent of these wipes is purified water. Most of the other wipes are lotion based.



  • Mother Sparsh Baby wipes: As Good as Cotton & Water


Having switched a number of brands before zeroing on Mother Sparsh Water based wipes for my baby, I can say the number one reason why I like these wipes is that they are non-soapy. While the difference did not matter much earlier, it bothered me when my baby had a few rashes. The soapy ingredient, I guessed, caused her much of the irritation. She would howl and cry during her diaper change which stopped after I started using cotton and water. But that was cumbersome and couldn’t be used on the go. And then came in Mother Sparsh Water based wipes which are as good as cotton and water! These wipes are also clinically proven for rashes.


  • Biodegradable


According to an article in The Guardian, wet wipes were termed as the biggest villain of 2015. The problem lies in something known as fatbergs, which are “made up of wet wipes flushed down loos and the fat and grease poured down sinks are forming in sewers and causing blockages, with decidedly unpleasant consequences.”

The problem does not exist if the wipes are biodegradable. Mother Sparsh Baby wipes are India’s first biodegradable wipes. Made of 100% plant-based fabric, these wipes are veritably “green”. So, it is good not just for your baby’s skin but environment as well. However, it is still advised not to flush the wipes in toilet.


  • They are thinner


I haven’t seen the brand claiming this difference over other brands so I don’t know if it is factually correct. But I find these thinner than the ones I was previously using (Johnson & Johnson). I find that an advantage in easy cleaning over the thicker ones.


  • Fragrance


Mother Sparsh water based wipes contain botanical extracts, like chamomilla recutita flower extract instead of chemicals for fragrance. Most other wipes use ‘parfum’, which means they use undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals.

Price: 80 wipes for Rs 175 (MRP) but you can get it on a discounted rate on Amazon

Tips for Taking Care of Tiny Bottoms:

Here are some useful tips for using wet wipes for your baby

  • Always wipe slowly and gently; do not rub to clean
  • Avoid using the wipes to clean baby’s mouth to reduce the chances of an allergy
  • Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to baby’s bottom after every nappy change
  • Wash your hands before and after diaper change always
  • Remember to reseal the pack properly to avoid moisture loss


A journalist with over a decade of experience, Purva now works as a freelance content developer. Abhinav is an Instructional Designer with a natural flair for writing. Both love to travel, eat, and tell stories.

6 thoughts on “How are Mother Sparsh Water Wipes better than other wipes?

  1. Mother Sparsh baby wipes are way better than any other wet wipes as I have experienced. I really admire the cotton fabric and non irritant ingredients. The best you can give to your baby.


  2. I have been hearing a lot about these wipes lately and truly 98% makes it so effective indeed. Love each and every point mentioned.


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