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8 Mess Free Game Activities For Kids’ Birthday Party

Organizing a party at home can be chaotic except when you have creative ideas to keep the little ones busy with non-messy games.

Planning your kid’s birthday party is no child’s play; especially during summers when party-at-the-park is not an option. You need to put on your creative hat and think of ideas that do not require too much running around. Here are some cool ideas to engage kids at the party sans any clutter.

Mess Free (1)

Animal Charades

This game is just like dumb charades except the participants have to guess the animal instead of movie names. Divide the players into two teams. Team 1 chooses a player to act out. He/she then has one minute to act out like the animal and let his/her team guess the charade. To make it more fun you can ask the kids to also include famous cartoon animals like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh etc. Charades does not allow talking or using props. But you can always change the rules depending on the age of children playing the game. If the team isn’t able to guess by actions alone, giving clues or making sounds can be allowed.

What’s in the bag?

This is a fun guessing game that can be made entirely age appropriate. All you need is a non-transparent bag and lots of objects. Take a bag or a box and put different item in it each time: orange, ball, brush etc. The bags must all be the same and should be opaque so kids cannot see the object inside. Kids have to take turns to guess what’s inside the bag/box by touching and without looking in it. The idea is to encourage kids to use their sense of touch and smell to guess the objects.

For older children, you can divide them in teams and ask one kid to come forward and the object and give clues to teammates for them to guess the object.

Guess the rhyme/song

This is a simple game for which you need to download some instrumental music of popular rhymes and kid songs. There are plenty of web portals – such as Spotify, Karaoke Version, Last FM, Sound ideas – where you can download these from. Divide the kids into teams. Play the music. The team that guesses maximum songs wins.

Big Boss Says

Choose someone to be the Big Boss. The boss has to give some commands, which are to be followed by other players only if it is prefaced with the phrase “Big Boss Says…”. Kids must do whatever Big Boss commands as quickly as possible. Eg: Big Boss Says touch your forehead. If a kid fails to do it before finishing the next command, he is out. Players also get eliminated if they follow an instruction that is not preceded by the phrase. It is the ability to distinguish genuine and fake commands that counts. This seemingly easy game can be complex with commands such as: “Big Boss says: Turn left. Big Boss says: turn right. Turn left.” Any player with arms up is eliminated because it did not begin with “Big Boss Says”.

Make a Story

This game requires you to gather several objects, such as animal toys, ball, kids jewellery, bag, dolls etc, that can be used as props. Divide kids into teams. Give each team a bag with some props. They have to make a story using those props within a defined time. Each team presents the story one by one.

Picnic Memory Game

Make the kids sit in a circle. The first kid kicks it off by saying: “In my picnic bag, I packed…” followed by something that begins with A. The next player has to repeat what the first person said and then add an item that begins with B. The next player repeats the line with the items first two players said and then add a third item with C. The game becomes harder as it proceeds because the player has to come up with an item for their letter and also recall all of the items that came before.


You do not need a basketball court for this version of the game. All you need is a bucket and a small ball to play this indoor basketball. Each player has to throw the ball into the bucket and then take a step back. Whoever throws the ball from the farthest distance wins. You can make it simpler by setting a line at a fair distance from the bucket. Whoever manages to throw it in first attempt qualifies for next round and it continues until you get a winner.

Guess How Many

Fill a jar with items like candies, chocolates, jelly beans or bouncy balls. Then have the kids write down how many they think are in the jar. The kid with the guess closest to the actual number is the winner.

The article was first published in Child India magazine



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