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Review: Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes

Has you baby had a bad diaper rash? If yes, then you truly understand the agony that comes with it. I was super ecstatic all this while about my baby not getting any rash (I think I even gave myself a pat on the back!). But that was until she got a loose stomach, and that was just a week before we were to travel for our first ever long vacation with her.

The rash got really nasty within a couple of days. Coconut oil, Desitin, and Clocip powder came to the rescue and did what they do the best. But still there was one irritant: the wipes. I can’t forget how she used to scream whenever I tried cleaning her up with those wipes. It was a well-known and popular brand which seemed perfect until now. The cooling and soapy effect it has is great but not when the monstrous rashes appear.

So we switched to using wet cotton for a bit. It did not irritate her skin because well, it was just cotton and water. But was quite inconvenient for me to rush for a mug of water and cotton every time.

And then I came across an equivalent of soft cotton and water: Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes! In fact, the brand approached me for a review. It couldn’t have come at a better time.


Here are the reasons why I recommend these wipes over others for your precious baby:

  1. Water Based: What makes it different from the other brands is the fact that these are 98% water based wipes.  When you use Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes, you will notice that other wipes have too much of the moisturizing content vis-a-vis these wipes. The other brand’s wipes caused much irritation to my baby when she had those nasty rashes which caused me to switch to cotton and water. These seem to be rectangle version of cotton and water as they have the same effect because of high water percentage. (I just checked after writing the post, that this is what the brand actually claims. I can vouch for the fact that it is 100 % genuine in claiming so!)

2. Soothing Aroma: I just love the fragrance these wipes have!

3. Prevents Diaper Rash: Free from any chemicals, the wipes pack in the goodness of Aloe Vera and vitamin D. The brand has been clinically tested for preventing rashes, redness and allergy. In my case, it worked to even heal my daughter’s rashes.

4. Bio Degradable: Mother Sparsh wipes are 100% bio-degradable. Unlike other wipes which are artificial polyester blend, these are made from natural plant fabric.

The brand is relatively new in the market; it’s almost a year-and-a-half old. Had it not been for her rashes, I probably wouldn’t have thought of testing this one as I relied on the popular global brand. But now, I know this is the one I’m going to trust.

Price: Rs 480 for a pack of 3 on Amazon



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