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Things Moms Wish Dads Knew!

Is your husband a hands-on father? Even if he is, we bet, there are things you wish dads knew! Take a look at some of those moments.

Decoding Baby’s Cries

“Every time Rusha (our daughter) cries Susmit runs after her with a bottle of milk. He has no idea that there are zillion other reasons apart from hunger that make babies cry. And if she refuses to take the feed, he insists that I call the doctor! His logic is that a well fed baby never cries. In the process I have a baby that is more often than not throwing up excess food in her tummy.” – Suchetana Ray, Journalist, Noida

(It’s always) Time to Eat 

“I think we moms probably have natural instincts about baby’s cries, while daddies mostly keep fumbling during the initial phase. My husband Falgun would often insist me to sleep through the night to get proper rest. He would assure me that he will take care of every need of the baby. But soon I would find him waking me up & telling me in a hush-hush tone, “I did everything I could – gave him colic drops, checked his diaper & gave him his favourite blanket – but the baby is still crying. What could it be?” And I would quickly reply, “He must be hungry!” After few months, when he would cry, Falgun would try to feed him some food. But then the reason would not be hunger, but inability to reach out to his favourite toy. The moment I handed him the toy, Khush would stop crying. Falgun often wondered, “How come I did not realise that!” ~ Forum Chhaya Pathak, Media Professional, Ahmedabad

Weight, it’s okay!

“My husband took his duties as a parent very seriously. If the ideal weight chart said 4 kgs and our baby weighed 10 grams less, he would get paranoid and start ‘Googling’ furiously-How to increase baby’s weight by 10 grams!”

  • Archana Mohan, Freelance Writer, Bangalore

Nail It

“My hubby was surprisingly quite well informed about handling the babies. He aced the burping and diaper changing duties. He had his ‘no idea’ moments going too and the one thing that struck me hilariously was how he was completely shocked to see those baby nails! He had no idea how a baby so tiny could grow nails which quickly become talons and talons which can be potentially damaging for the baby and all around. Daddy dearest had to be explained: a) the necessity of mittens  b) the art of cutting nails which is one of the scariest aspects of parenthood!.”

– Deeksha Mishra, Marketing Manager, Delhi

Daddy, cool!

“While travelling once, Anaaya felt little sick and wanted to puke. Jiten, my husband, panicked and didn’t know how to handle it. He stopped the car and put forth his hands to be puked on instead of letting her out of the car!”

– Urvashi Kumar Bhatia, stay at home mum, Faridabad

Toy Story

“I think for my husband who was travelling, getting age appropriate toys was the most eye-opening experience. He usually ended up getting stuff that our son would play with years later. I always suspected he got them for himself, while pretending they were for our son. Like the set of hand planes, which needed to be made and flown, for my one-year old. I later found him building it for himself!”

– Sushmita Mohapatra, content developer, Singapore

The edited version of this article first appeared in Child India magazine (April issue)

CHD0518 all for moms wish dads knew 1-1




A journalist with over a decade of experience, Purva now works as a freelance content developer. Abhinav is an Instructional Designer with a natural flair for writing. Both love to travel, eat, and tell stories.

18 thoughts on “Things Moms Wish Dads Knew!

  1. Ha ha totally loved this post, it gave me a feel that all daddies are the same, no matter what we say. It was the same with my better half, when initially he used to cry for him it would always be, he would be hungry, feed him, lol.


  2. I was laughing the whole time I was reading this post. My husband was suprisingly receptive towards our kids’ needs while I struggled to understand. Dads are cute, really.


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